Double Glazing Repairs

Stiff Handle?
Lock gradually becoming harder to operate?

The multipoint locks fitted to PVCu doors and aluminium doors don't last forever. Eventually they fail, leaving you with a door that you either cannot lock or cannot unlock. Sometimes minor adjustments can solve the problem, other times a new lock mechanism is the only way.

You may not notice the gradual deterioration but if your door is stiff to lock or unlock, act now, before it's a real problem.

What do I mean?
Well, with a old fashioned wooden door, if your lock packs up, who cares, whack a new one in and if it doesn't fit, adjust the door and make it fit, it's just not an issue. BUT, if a double glazed door lock fails - only the exact same lock will fit as a replacement and there are hundreds of types used over the years.

Now imagine this scenario happening to you on the day you are leaving for your well-deserved holiday. What do you do? Who do you call?
Answer: CALL US 020 8445 4454

We have 90% of all the locks ever used in stock right now and the rest available to us next-day. Our experienced Locksmiths will come along and fit a new lock and leave you safe and secure. And if your lock hasn't failed, but it's just getting stiff?
Answer: CALL US 020 8445 4454

Get the lock changed BEFORE it lets you down!